About Us

Siddhivinayak Capital is a pure play Financial Market Research and Counsulting Company.

We are an eminent player in the research space, focousing on fundamental and Technical to convert Raw data and information into expert judgements. With real time data research delivering real time analysis and recommendations to customer in Equity and Commodity.

Siddhivinayak Capital is a Next Generation Financial Services Provider with an innovative and unique business model striving to create value for its clients.

We aim to provide the best of investment opportunities and be a part of your Wealth creation process. We feel gifted and happy to work with a very diverse set of customers that include Retail Investors, HNI s, Corporate Houses, Brokerage Firms, FII s, DII s, Private Equity firms and Hedge funds.With an aim to create the largest Financial Services brand in the country, we continue to move forward with an emphasize on Value creation rather than Value addition to our customers.

Our Principles

  • Business Methodology

    In this huge world, where giant organizations exist, we continue to believe that there will always be room for specialized and niche businesses with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and top level attention to clients and relationships looking for long term sustainability.

  • Talent Recognition

    The most passionate and entrepreneurial professionals would always look for a personal space and we would always be open to support them to create exciting new businesses and opportunities. These talents would eventually be made owners of whatever they create.

  • Customer Priority

    In contrast to the generally prevailing philosophy of "Other people's money" in the world of Financial Services, we see Customer's money as our money. Along with our customers, we also put significant amounts of the company's money in the investments, whenever possible.

  • Performance Metrics

    We will continue to strive for superior performance on a consistent basis through innovation, uniqueness and excellence. Our assets are our people, who bring to us along with them their creativity, passion, teamwork, innovation and integrity.